8bit Lover <3


Iv’e always loved things Cute and boy have i found some cuteness in SL 😀

I been after the gamer tail for a while and went to check if it was in store, but wasn’t…the owner was so Cool she gave it me and made my day ..ty {PopTart} ❤

  • Mesh head: [-p-] Lil’ Witch avie:FREE: JOIN GROUP-Joining Fee*
  • Glasses: [geek.] Spunkcraft 8bit Glasses -SD Gift- Resizer – OLD GIFT!
  • Hearts above head: Pinku*Pantsu  mY PIXeL hEaRTs on MARKET PLACE
  • Sheep: [-p-] Lil’ Alpaca Plushies (STRAWBERRY) *NEW*
  • Condom:  :Z.S: Smooches Condom – RARE @ THRIFT SHOP!
  • Necklace: {PopTart} Creep Necklace (Pink Dust)
  • Top: {PopTart} B-BIT heart top: 25-for-25 Hunt Heart  – 12.
  • Tail: {PopTart} Gamer Tail (Black) *NOT SOLD ANYMORE*
  • Teddy strap: dl:: Teddy Bear Legband
  • Boots: :Z.S: Tsusime Boots – FatPack

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