Music is mah lyfe…


I sure do love mah music and this outfit is super cute from :NS: Comes with a cute typing animator that you see music notes and glitter and a cute tune, also these cool specs 😀

Outfit can be found @ <<The Feeling>>  this round will be new hall dedicated to music

  • Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Lana” (Brown diamond)
  • Outfit: NS::  Feel The Music Outfit (only 100L$)
    Top with applier Lolas Tango
    Short with Applier Phat Azz
    and applier Cute Azz , sneakers mesh and glasses
  • Headphones: booN headphone for neck plain
  • Socks: :FY: Knee Socks (pack 01) *NEW* @ [BODIFY]
  • Boom box: NS:: Old Stereo*NEW* @  <<The Feeling>> 
  • Bag: NS::  Bunny Bag (mesh)*NEW*

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