Comfy in mah sweater!


Still not managed to get into the Arcade..Grrrr But, i did manage to find few bits and bobs around the arcade yard sales so im pretty happy that i found some of the things i wanted in the colors i like too ❤ Also love this sweater from Pumpkin 😀

  • Horns: +Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns – Sakura @ Arcade!
  • Floral head dress: Animaux- Flower Band Cherry Blossom (A1) Chin
  • Hair: Exile::Rain or Shine: 9. Extremes @ Arcade
  • Skin: Birdy -Delilah… peaches
  • Mesh mouth: Loud Mouth– Brandee
  • Sweater: [Pumpkin]Stretched sweater (black) *NEW* Comes with a Hud so u can change the color of the shirt!
  • Garter: *MUKA* Garter Love
  • Socks: :FY: Knee Socks (pack 01)

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